Teacher Orders Teen to Remove Trump Flag from Bedroom During Online Class

A 16-year-old boy was told by his teacher to remove a Trump 2020 flag from his bedroom wall under threat of punishment.

The student, at Colusa High School in California, was in his bedroom participating in an online Chemistry class when the teacher demanded that the flag be take down or removed from the camera’s view.

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“You can sit up, remove the flag, or reposition your camera within the next 15 seconds or I’m kicking you out of class,” the teacher said.

Television station KOVR reports that a video of the incident shows the teacher counting to 15 seconds.

The student’s mother said she doesn’t blame the teacher — she blames the school board for not giving clear guidance on what children are allowed to have in the privacy of their bedrooms.

“With the distance learning we are all forced to do because of the new color chart, the school district has not addressed the students’ rights in their own home to the teachers or to us as parents,” the boy’s said in an email statement to the television station.