Teacher Punished For Teaching Kids the History of the Candy Cane

A math teacher at Santaluces High School in Florida is under attack by a mob of atheists. You can watch my YouTube Short about this story below.

The teacher provided students with a pamphlet explaining the religious history of the candy cane. The material was given to students during the Christmas season.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation pitched a fit and fired off a letter to the school district demanding action.

“The pamphlet proselytized through a fictitious description of the history of the candy cane, claiming that the white stripes stand for the purity of Jesus and the red for his bloodshed, with many accompanying bible verse,” the FFRF falsely stated. “It told students that they ‘belong to Jesus’ and ‘are to follow only Him.’ It instilled the doctrine at the heart of the Christian religion that Jesus led a ‘pure, sinless life’ only to die on the cross ‘for all of us so that we can have eternal life through Him.’

Should teachers be allowed to talk about Christianity in the classroom?

They say the teacher broke the law by indoctrinating students and trying to convert them to Christianity. There is no evidence that actually happened, but atheists tend to play loosy-goosy with the truth.

“The district must make certain that none of its employees is unlawfully and inappropriately indoctrinating students in religious matters by discussing their personal religious beliefs, preaching, inviting students to their church, or otherwise creating a religious environment in their classrooms,” FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line wrote.

The superintendent of Palm Beach County took immediate action. Michael Burke said the teacher violated school board policy. He said there is no place for proselytizing or antisemitism in the school.

He also said the teacher had been reprimanded.

“This was a clear violation of School Board policy and we are in complete agreement that there is no place in our schools for proselytizing or antisemitism,” Supt. Michael Burke said.

The superintendent did not explain how a story about the Christian origins of the candy cane makes one antisemitic. dSomething just doesn’t add up. Be sure to click here and pre-order my new book, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America Be Saved?”

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