Teacher Says Teen Should’ve Shot Man Wearing Trump Costume

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A few weeks ago a 14-year-old Florida girl was charged with punching a man at a county fair because he was wearing a Donald Trump costume.

A Tennessee elementary school teacher weighed in on the controversy by writing on social media that the teenage thugette should’ve shot the man.

“She should’ve shot em,” wrote the physical education teacher at Byrns Darden Elementary School in Montgomery County, Tennessee.

And just in case the leftists who run Snopes accuse me of spreading fake news, consider the headline in The Leaf-Chronicle: “Clarksville teacher quips on Facebook that teen should have shot man dressed as Trump.”

Local residents were stunned and called out the Trump-hating school teacher.

“As a teacher he needs to hold himself to a higher standard. My concern, and the concern expressed to me by friends of mine with children in the district, is this, if he is on Facebook advocating deadly violence against a person that simply dressed like the President for Halloween, what exactly is he saying to his students when no one is around?,” Kirk Strieter told Fox 17 News.

The Leaf-Chronicle reports that school district officials are looking into the posting.

“We have a social media policy in place for a purpose not to infringe upon freedom of speech, but to be appropriate and respectful,” spokesperson Elise Shelton told the newspaper. “If you identify yourself as a school system employee, then in fact you are somewhat speaking for the school district.”

What, exactly, is there to investigate?

The man wrote on social media that he wanted a teenage girl to assassinate a duly elected president of the United States. School officials should’ve fired the teacher and called the Secret Service.

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