Teacher Suspended For Refusing to Let Girl Use Boys Locker Room

An Illinois high school teacher has been suspended and is under investigation after he refused to let a biological girl change in the boy’s locker room. Todd interviewed Cody Hiller on Friday. Listen to the full interview above or read the transcript below. Click here for a free subscription to Todd’s daily podcast.

TODD: [00:23:26] A disturbing story that I came across last night over on The Gateway Pundit. There is a high school teacher, a physical education teacher in southern Illinois. His name is Cody Hiller, and he has been suspended from his job because he refused to follow orders and allow a girl to change clothes in the boys locker room. I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line right now. We are honored to have Cody Hiller with us. Coach, thanks for coming on the program today.

MR. HILLER: [00:24:28] Thank you for having me.

Should boys be allowed in the girls locker rooms?

TODD: [00:24:30] Coach, I want you to tell our listeners, I mean, you’ve been a teacher for, what, 14 years at West Frankfort High School? You’re a husband, you’re a warrior. I want you to tell us what happened at that school that got you in trouble.

MR. HILLER: [00:24:45] Sure. So last Monday, we had a student that started P.E. that said that she was planning on changing in the boys locker room. A biological female wanted change in the boys locker room. When I was notified of this, I went to our administration and let them know that I could not would not allow that to happen. Not right for that to happen. So a couple days went by trying to figure out what the process was going to be. I held in that stance trying to protect all students, and I was placed on administrative leave until all of that could get sorted out.

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TODD: [00:25:19] And is that where we are now? Are you still on administrative leave?

MR. HILLER: [00:25:24] Yes, I am still on administrative leave again waiting for the next process. I was notified by my administration today that it was going to be a board meeting done with remedy of evaluation process, which I’m not sure what all that means. I think the gist of it is, you know, making sure that no one is being discriminated against in this process.

TODD: [00:25:47] I’m curious, Coach, why do you have a problem with this child wanting to go into the boys locker room?

MR. HILLER: [00:25:57] It’s not safe for anybody. It’s not right. I think all students should be protected. All of them, no matter how they identify. But it’s just not safe. It’s not the place to be. I am a Christian. I do have my own beliefs on this as well. But you don’t have to be a Christian to believe this either. It’s just it’s just a matter of right and wrong. And it’s a line that I was not willing to cross.

TODD: [00:26:20] And I have to imagine that this is causing turmoil among the kids as well. Is that the case or are kids weighing in on this issue?

MR. HILLER: [00:26:29] Yeah, it’s become a topic of discussion quite a bit the last couple of days here. And that was one of the hardest parts for me, is as a teacher, I was not allowed to. Informed students of what was taking place or their parents over would be labeled as discrimination on that matter as well. So that’s what was the hardest part for me, was not being able to notify anybody of what was going on.

TODD: [00:26:53] And and I have to imagine it’s been hard for your kids as well. You’re a father of six children. Do that. What are those ages, coach?

MR. HILLER: [00:27:00] My oldest is nine and go down all the way down to three months old. So we’re. We’re little. Yeah.

TODD: [00:27:05] Wow. Yeah, that’s it’s. I have to imagine that’s a pretty fun household, but a very busy household for you and your wife.

MR. HILLER: [00:27:13] It is, yes. And both in both manners.

TODD: [00:27:15] So how are you doing? I mean, it’s got to be disconcerting, I guess, not knowing if you’re going to have a job.

MR. HILLER: [00:27:22] You know, I’ve got to really given us a lot of peace about this because we know we’re making the right decision. It’s a job that I enjoy teaching kids and having kids, but it’s a job. The big thing that’s always stood out to me about this is the law that needs to be changed. It’s a terrible law. We’ve got a couple in the state and this is one of them that needs to be changed. And so my goal is if I lose my job, that’s okay. But I want the word to spread that this stuff right here is happening in southern Illinois at Chicago, but southern Illinois. And it’s time for some some people a lot of people to do something about it.

TODD: [00:27:59] No, you’re absolutely right. And Cody, have you have you saw Legal Counsel Alliance Defending Freedom? First Liberty Institute, one of those big law firms?

MR. HILLER: [00:28:09] Yeah, I’m been in contact with one out of based out of Florida that’s been working with me since Wednesday. Wednesday night. So we’re putting some stuff together.

TODD: [00:28:19] Is that Liberty Counsel, by any chance?

MR. HILLER: [00:28:22] Yes, sir.

TODD: [00:28:23] Well, Matt Staver, good friend of this program, and I know you’re going to be in great hands with whoever you picked out of that bunch. They’re going to take good care of you.

MR. HILLER: [00:28:33] Yeah. I’ve heard great things from from that law firm. And like I said, I’m looking forward to working with them.

TODD: [00:28:37] Coach, what is the message for other teachers out there, other coaches, physical education, teachers that are going to be facing these kinds of situations and issues?

MR. HILLER: [00:28:47] Yeah, it’s going to keep happening. You know, I think the big thing is if this isn’t a line in the sand, then what is? I know it’s tough to step out because you’re you’re putting your livelihood on the line. You know, they’ve got kids, they’ve got families, they’ve got bills to pay. All understandable. But it’s not going to stop if we don’t put a stop to it. So, you know, my thing is there has to be a line somewhere. If this isn’t the line, what’s going to be the line for other people? Again, I am I’m in this to protect all all students, no matter what. And all students need to be protected. So that’s my biggest challenge is to, you know, to kind of look at what’s ahead here and see what’s down the line and see, you know, are they comfortable with where things are going?

TODD: [00:29:33] Well, Cody, you’re a good man. And I think you’re setting a great example for for teachers. You’re setting a great example for dads and a great example for Christians on on how to stand up, how to fight for your rights and do so in an honorable way. And so we wish you the very best. We’re going to be in touch with Matt Staver as well. And we’re going to follow this case and just let us know what we can do and what our audience can do to to stand alongside you.

MR. HILLER: [00:30:01] Well, I appreciate and appreciate you gave me the opportunity to speak about this issue. And again, hopefully we can get to the process where we can get this law changed.

TODD: [00:30:08] All right, Cody Hiller, ladies and gentlemen of physical education, coaches, a dad, six kids under the age of nine, and he is now on administrative leave because he did what was right. And they’re going to try to force him to pay a price here. We’re going to have to stand up alongside of him. Folks, if you live in that area, go to the school board meeting and let your voices be heard.

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