Teacher Tells Kids White People Have No Culture

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A California school district is teaching students that white people have no culture.

We’re sort of like mayonnaise on white bread.

An equity teacher in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District told students during choir rehearsal that not only did white folks not have any culture, but any culture we claimed to have was stolen.

The teacher went on to tell kids that salsa was the nation’s top condiment and chicken tikka masala was the nation’s most favorite meal.

One parent complained – said the lesson on white privilege was hurtful and demeaning. And it caused division among the kids.

Which is the point. That’s what critical race theory is about – slow boiling a race war within taxpayer-funded classrooms. CLICK HERE to get Todd’s daily America First newsletter. Stay informed!

“As a parent of a choir student, having outside instruction regarding White privilege with the choir students was incredibly hurtful, demeaning and demeaning to many students in the class,” the mom told the school board. “It not only created division and confusion between the students, but it was also incorrect information.”

A spokesperson for the school district told television KATV that a “guest teacher” discussed “content that was not applicable to choir instruction because it related to a non-school sponsored excursion to South Africa” with two separate choir classes recently.

By the way, according to the website, FoodBeast.com – the best-selling condiment is America is Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. And according to YouGov.com – our favorite food happens to be mashed potatoes. Both of which are white.

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