Teen Finishes 72nd in Race as Boy, First Place as ‘Girl’

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The transgender movement continues its war on biological women. 

The latest story from Seattle, Washington. 

A biological boy helped a girls track team qualify for the state championships. 

Should biological boys compete against girls?

The young man had previously competed as a freshman boy — finishing 72nd in the league finals. 

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But now – as a sophomore girl – the young man actually broke Seattle Academy’s school record in the 5000 meter and he currently ranks first among all girls in the league. 

“Allowing [the student] to compete against biological girls deprives other girls’ teams of the chance to compete at state [which is a big deal],” a coach told Libs of TikTok. “If [he] competed in the boys division, [he] would place 56th on the boys team.”

But the school district and the state athletic agency seem to believe that biological girls are the problem.

“[The student] is larger than any of the girl, and shamelessly takes first place on the podium,” a frustrated dad told Libs of Tik Tok. “Now my daughter is competing against a male for scholarships. And we can’t even say anything. You can’t even approach it in a nice way without being labeled a hateful bigot. You will get threats against you.”

It’s not the first time a mediocre male athlete has made the switch to the girls team. 

Lia Thomas was nominated for the NCCA Woman of the Year Award after transitioning — and crushing nearly every NCAA swimming record. 

If this nonsense is not address – it will be the end of female athletics as we know it. 

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