Tenn. School District Trying to Silence Parents

There’s big trouble brewing in my local community – Germantown, Tennessee.

The school board is about to crack down on public comments at school board meetings.

They are considering a new rule that would only allow comments that are germane to issues on the school board agenda.

Should parents be allowed to address concerns before the school board?

“In accordance with Tennessee law, the Germantown Board of Education reserves a period for public comment to provide the public with the opportunity to comment on matters that are germane to the items on the agenda for that meeting,” reads the proposed change being considered by the school board. “Public comments will not be permitted in disciplinary hearings of students or GMSD staff members, or in meetings for which there are no actionable items on the agenda.”

In other words, if a parent discovers that a teacher has turned her classroom into a LGBT grooming center, parents would not be able to raise the issue.

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Pornographic books in the library? The topic would only be allowed to be discussed if was an agenda item.

“The chairman of the board shall take all practical steps to ensure that opposing viewpoints, if any, are represented fairly,” the board went on to say.

Does anyone really believe that will happen?

What’s really devious is that the school board is making this significant change while many parents are out of town on family vacations and others are attending a huge local concert.

I’ve long suspected that my town has been infected by wokeness. In recent months I’ve noticed that parents who have raised concerns about critical race theory have not only been silenced at board meetings – but attacked by a progressive social media mob.

And now the board is taking measures to effectively silence any citizen who doesn’t want taxpayer funded classrooms turned into left-wing propaganda dungeons.

To voice your opinion, call  (901) 752-7900.

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