TERROR! Michigan Pro-Hamas Mob Targets Private Residences of University Leaders

Dozens of pro-Hamas students terrorized University of Michigan officials in early-morning demonstrations at their private residences.

The University of Michigan says the protesters pitched tents and dumped “fake corpses wrapped in bloodied sheets on the lawn.”

“Individuals hid their identities by wearing masks,” the university said in a statement.

The protests were organized by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) at the University of Michigan, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) and Transparency, Accountability, Humanity, Reparations, Investment, Resistance (TAHRIR) Coalition.

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“The tactics used today represent a significant and dangerous escalation in the protests that have been occurring on campus,” the university said. “Going to an individual’s private residence is intimidating behavior and, in this instance, illegal trespassing. This kind of conduct is not protected speech; it’s dangerous and unacceptable.”

Jordan Acker, a regent at the University of Michigan, said a masked intruder showed up at his home around 4:40 a.m. while his three daughters were asleep in their beds.

“No group, on the right or left, should engage in this behavior, and it cannot be tolerated in any free society,” he wrote on X.

The entire point of the protests was to instill fear and terror into the hearts of university officials. It was a not-so-subtle, “we know where you live so you’d better do what we tell you” threat. And the university’s response should be swift.

Every member of every student group responsible for organizing this sort of domestic terrorist activity should be expelled from school and they should face criminal charges. And any non-U.S. citizens should be deported. Immediately.

And the wanna-be cosplay terrorists should be aware that under the Castle Doctrine, Michigan homeowners have every right to defend their property and protect their families. Tread carefully.

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