Thousands of Students Worship Jesus at Liberty University

Liberty University Chancellor Jonathan Falwell said thousands of students and faculty gathered on campus to fellowship, read scripture, and worship Christ for over two hours during an end-of-semester sermon in April.

“Own your faith,” said Falwell, the pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. Watch the full interview above and click here to read Todd’s best-selling book on how to save America.

In a recent interview with The Todd Starnes Show on NEWSMAX, Falwell said “every week at Liberty we have the opportunity of gathering together on Wednesday nights for a voluntary worship service. We invite the students to come and be a part of that.”

“Young people come out and hear a message from the word of God … we worship together in music and we worship together in the Word,” he told Starnes. “I brought a 20-minute message from the book of 3 John. The fourth verse in that passage says that I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in truth.”

Approximately 16,000 students currently attend courses on Liberty’s campus, with an additional 100,000 students enrolled in online classes, he said.

Falwell noted the stark difference between Liberty versus the secular campuses shown in the news recently for their anger and protests.

After the worship session at Liberty, Falwell said “it’s encouraging to me to see thousands of college aged young people coming together and their mission, their passion, their heart is just to lift up the name of Jesus.”

“Whenever you take God out of the conversation … naturally things are going to go the wrong direction,” he added. “Our mission statement going all the way back is to train champions for Christ … always recognize and understand the calling that God has placed on your life.”

The “1000 Days: The Ministry of Christ” author said parents are sending their children to Liberty — alma mater to nearly 500,000 alumni around the world — because they see what is occurring on modern day college campuses and state schools across the country.

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