Todd Starnes: “If Bernie’s Goons Try to Throw You in a Gulag, Engage Your Second Amendment Rights and in the Name of Clint Eastwood Say, ‘Go Ahead Punk, Make My Day'”

National talk radio host Todd Starnes delivered a thundering rebuke of socialism during a keynote address at the Young America’s Foundation Regional Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Starnes, the chairman of Starnes Media Group, called on the young conservatives to take a bold stand for the Bill of Rights in the face of what he called a “culture jihad.” Click here for a copy of Todd’s new book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.”

He told stories of young Americans who had taken a stand and defied government leaders who tried to silence Christian voices and patriotic voices.

Starnes also reminded students of the undercover Project Veritas video that showed a Bernie Sanders campaign staffer suggesting that Trump supporters should be thrown into gulags and sent to reeducation camps.

“When they tell you not to fly the flag, you wave Old Glory,” Starnes said. “When they tell you not to pray you bow your head and say, ‘Our Father Who Art in Heaven.’ And when Bernie’s goons show up at your front door and try to throw you in a gulag, engage your Second Amendment rights and you invoke the name of that great patriot Clint Eastwood and say, ‘Go ahead and try punk. Make my day.'”

The crowd interrupted his remarks with boisterous cheers and a prolonged chant of, “USA, USA, USA.”