‘Trans Player’ Leaves Teen Girls with Bruises, Welts

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Parents in Green Bay, Wisconsin don’t know what do.

Their daughters have been coming home from fall sports practice with bruises and welts.

Turns out – there’s a transgender athlete on the team – a boy who thinks he’s a girl.  And he’s playing like a grown man.

“They’re just not used to the ball coming at them that hard,” said Ryan Gusick, one of the concerned parents in a television interview with the local television station.

Should a boy be allowed to play on girls athletic teams?

The parents are not releasing the name of the student or the sport – but they say their concerns are not being addressed by the school district.

“Because this person chooses to identify as a female, they get to use the female locker room, and if our girls feel threatened or afraid go to seek the school counselor,” Gusick told television station WBAY. “They’re also just more concerned about their safety just the way the balls are being hit and kicked at them, things like that.”

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They say they have grave concerns about the safety of their daughters. And a lot of the girls have already quit the team. It’s that bad.

And some 50 parents warned the district that if the child is not removed – their daughters will not play.

“A lot of these girls are specifically quitting this team because they’re concerned for their safety,” Gusick said.

The school district is defending the boy who thinks he’s a girl.

A statement from the district to FOX 11 states the district “works with the transgender students to determine what they would prefer. However, they have a legal right to use the locker room. If they choose to use the locker room they gender identify with, students who may have concerns the District will work with to provide supports.”

The reality is that parents have the upper hand. If the school wants to field a girls athletic squad, either the transgender kid goes, or their daughters go.

Time to play hardball.

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