Transgender Coach Strips to Undies in Front of Teen Girls in School Locker Room

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The girls’ tennis coach at Gettysburg High School is a man who dresses like a woman.

Sasha Yates is at the center of a controversy after female students complained that the coach was undressing in their locker room and bathroom.

The Epoch Times reports “in the fall of 2022 Yates changed his clothes in the girls’ locker room — ‘stripping down to bra and panties’ — where the (girls) soccer team also was changing. Members of the team had reported ‘it was clear from what they saw that Mr. Yates was still fully a man.'”

There had also been concerns over conversations the coach had with some of the girls – talking about undergarment preferences and menstruation.

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Parents complained and demanded the coach be removed.

Steve Carbaugh, a parent of a student in the school district told CBS News, “My daughter was in the bathroom across from the gymnasium in the senior high school, going to the restroom before one of her sporting events. While she exited the bathroom stall, she ran into Mr. David Yates in the female bathroom. Imagine that, a 16-year-old female running into a full grown adult in the restroom of her high school.”

But the coach had major support among members of the media as well as others who said the biological females were just homophobic.

From The College Fix:

The following spring, Yates used a girls’ bathroom in which a member of the softball team was present. Yates reportedly “tried to strike up a conversation” with the 16-year-old female athlete, leading the girl to text her coach “[T]his damn tennis coach just walked into the girls bathroom … Like, [expletive] You’re a [expletive] man.”

The girl’s father brought the matter to the attention of school officials, whereupon he was informed Yates “would not be rehired for another season of coaching.” He thus considered the matter closed.

That is, until Yates’ name popped back up on a list of school coaches this summer.

“Now, everybody in this area seems to be crying that it is hate—that nobody wants this guy back because he’s transgender and it’s hate,” the father said. “This has absolutely nothing to do with hate on my part. I don’t care what the guy wants to call himself. My job as a parent is to protect my child. And he had no business going into that bathroom, and his actions proved that he cannot be trusted.”

The College Fix

A major newspaper said blatant transphobia was the main motivation behind the outrage and called on state lawmakers to provide protections to transgender coaches.

Long story short – the school re-hired Coach Yates. And he is apparently free to frolic about in his undies while teenage girls hide in the stalls.

Might want to consider homeschooling your kids, America.

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