WATCH: Transgender Thugs Target Parents Over Radical Sex Ed Policy

The Austin Independent School District is considering a radical sex education curriculum that would teach children how to perform anal sex and would mandate that students become political advocates for the LGBT movement.

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Texas Values, one of the state’s top organizations defending the family, said hundreds of parents are attending tonight’s school board meeting — hoping to stop the proposed lessons.

Texas Values alleges students as young as third grade will be introduced to pro-abortion and pro-LGBT propaganda.

“Austin ISD has broken the sacred trust between school and parent,” Texas Values spokesman David Walls said in a statement. “Austin parents have no reason to entrust their children to a school district that welcomes sex criminals and sexually explicit materials in the school.”

Prior to the school board meeting a group of radical transgender activists disrupted a press conference being hosted by Texas Values. The men who think they are women were shouting, “Trans lives matters” and “Black trans lives matter.”

The proposed curriculum also encourages questions to question their sexuality and promotes identity confusion.

Texas Values also says the lessons will teach children as young as third grade to stop using words like “mother” and “father” and “mom” and “dad.”

This is a developing story.