UC Davis Professor Threatens Jewish Reporters, Their Children

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An American Studies professor at the University of California – Davis threatened to kill Jewish journalists along with their families.

Jemma Decristo, who is an assistant professor, posted on her social media page a disturbing threat that included knife and axe emojis. It also included three droplets of blood.

“One group of ppl we have easy access to in the US is all these zionist journalists who spread propaganda and misinformation,” she wrote.

She also threatened the children of journalists.

“They have houses w addresses, kids in school,” she wrote. “They can fear their bosses, but they should fear us more.”

The post has since been deleted and her account has been made private. However, her bio is still visible. She describes herself as a “black anarchist dyke things.”

In another post to X, Decristo wrote, “to the US embassy. US out of everywhere. US GO HOME. US GO HOME” alog with three fire emojis. The post was in response to another post showing protestors marching towards the U.S. embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.

In yet another post to X, the professor celebrated the fire set at the Israeli embassy in Jordan, responding to the news with “HELL YEAH” and three Palestinian flag emojis.

UC Davis posted a statement condemning the professor’s remarks while noting that she is still employed by the university.

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“I absolutely condemn the posts attributed to a UC Davis faculty member that recently appeared on the social media platform X,” Chancellor Gary May said. “I find the comments revolting in every way, and I disagree wholeheartedly with them.”

UC Davis rejects all forms of violence and discrimination, as they are antithetical to the values of our university. We strive to foster a climate of equity and justice built on mutual understanding and respect for all members of the community.

When we receive a complaint that a faculty member has engaged in conduct that may violate the Faculty Code of Conduct, we review the matter in accordance with our established policies and procedures for handling faculty discipline. These processes are confidential personnel matters that we are not permitted to share with the public, but we can confirm that the provost will refer this matter to the appropriate campus departments that investigate harassment, discrimination and faculty conduct, in consultation with legal counsel regarding First Amendment rights.

Some have asked why this faculty member continues to be employed at UC Davis. The University of California system has specific procedures for the review of complaints of faculty misconduct consistent with universitywide policies and bylaws. The status of complaints lodged against faculty members are confidential personnel matters, so we are unable to publicly comment on the steps we are taking.

The public expression of opinions, even those opinions considered controversial or abhorrent, enjoy a high level of protection under the First Amendment. We are carefully reviewing this matter to ensure our response is consistent with university-wide policy and state and federal constitutional protections.

UC Davis

UC Davis, at the very least, should call the police and launch a criminal investigation. It’s important for Jewish families in Davis to know they can sleep safely at night without fearing they might be slaughtered by Professor Decristo.

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