University of Maryland Tried to Force Student to Ignore Doctor’s Advice and Get Vaccine: Rep. Andy Harris

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The following is a transcript of Todd’s interview with Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), a congressman and a medical doctor. Click here to listen to the entire interview.

TODD: [00:49:52] FOX News reporting and Mecklenburg County, which is Charlotte, North Carolina, they’re going they’re calling it ‘Doses to Doors.’ So I guess they’re they’re going door-to-door and offering to give people the vaccine right there at their home. As a doctor. is that a good idea?

REP. HARRIS: [00:50:09] Well, look, I certainly think it violates privacy to knock on someone’s door and ask them if they have a vaccine. Now, you wouldn’t knock on the door and ask them if they have diabetes or if they have hypertension. Why would you knock on their door and ask them if they’ve had the vaccine? Look, the vaccine is available to anybody who wants it. At some point, it’s coercion. It’s the government sending an agent to your door to somehow to try to convince you to take this vaccine. And the fact of the matter is, we are at herd immunity now. It’s pretty clear that our infection rate is not anywhere near as high as it is in countries that don’t have as high a vaccination rate. So at this point, we should be vaccinating high risk individuals if they want it. But we shouldn’t be forcing low risk individuals like teenagers or college students to take this vaccine if they don’t want it.

TODD: [00:50:56] And you’ve got to applaud the sheriff there in Los Angeles County who is not going to enforce these new mask mandates. Good for him.

REP. HARRIS: [00:51:04] Absolutely it is. It’s completely unclear. Again, you know, the Los Angeles County mask mandate contradicts even what the CDC says, which is that if you’ve had the vaccine, you don’t really need to wear a mask. Well, they’re saying, well, you know, you have to wear a mask because we don’t know if you’ve had the vaccine. We’ll look at some point you actually have to trust people. And that’s the trouble. This government, the government, big government doesn’t trust people. It spies on people. And I think Americans resent that at some point.

TODD: [00:51:30] Congressman, look, great, great advice and great words of wisdom. And we really appreciate your comments coming from as a medical expert here, a physician. We really appreciate that. And again, I think people just need to consult with their doctor and not the government. That’s that’s been our recommendation on this radio program.

REP. HARRIS: [00:51:51] That’s absolutely right. You know, again, the government is not in charge of your health care. They’d like to be in charge of your health care, but they’re not. It’s actually you and your physician. And we’ve had cases in Maryland where, you know, someone wanting to go to the University of Maryland. His physician actually said, you should not get this because you had a bad reaction to a previous vaccine. And the university at first said, we don’t really care. You you know, you have to get it. Fortunately, we got them to back down on that. But this is the government run amuck and you don’t want the government to charge you for health care. And Covid is proving exactly why you don’t.

TODD: [00:52:25] Well said. All right, Congressmen, we’re going to have to leave it there. We really appreciate your words. And I look forward to get you back on the show. That’s Congressman Andy Harris. Ladies and gentlemen, first time on the program. I like this guy. He is a doctor and he offers some pretty, pretty sane and commonsense advice when it comes to this China virus vaccine. As he said, somebody comes to your door knocking on your door and says, ‘Hey, do you have diabetes?’ You’re going to tell the person to go take a flying flip. You’re going to say that’s none of their business. You don’t know who these people are, especially in North Carolina. You people are dealing with radical leftists who are going door-to-door armed with clipboards and needles. And they’re getting all your personal information and your health information. And they’re telling you to drop your pants and take a poke in the behind. That is not American. It’s disgusting. That’s what it is. All right. Got to take a break here.

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