University of Oregon Apologizes Over Anti-Mormon Chants at BYU Football Game

The University of Oregon has apologized after thousands of students and other fans directed a profane message towards BYU.

“F*** the Mormons,” the fans chanted during Saturday’s football game.

Should students be punished for chanting anti-Mormon slurs?

Ironically, many Oregon players happen to be Mormons.

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Utah Governor Spencer Cox was among those enraged by the vulgar behavior of Oregon fans.

“Religious bigotry alive and celebrated in Oregon,” he tweeted.

“The University of Oregon sincerely apologizes for an offensive and disgraceful chant coming from the student section during yesterday’s game against Brigham Young University,” school leaders said in a statement.

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“These types of actions go against everything the university stands for, and it goes against the spirit of competition. We can and will do better as a campus community that has no place for hate, bias or bigotry,” the statement concluded.

The university promised to investigate — but I doubt that will.

The Pit Crew, Oregon’s student section, issued an apology as well, OregonLive.com reported.

“To all @BYUfootball fans in attendance at todays game we would like to apologize for the actions of the students in attendance,” the organization tweeted. “We do not condone or support any hateful speech directed towards one’s religion and are ashamed of those who participated.”

If the University of Oregon was truly remorseful they would’ve punished all of the students who were involved. But I doubt that will happen.

On the other hand imagine if the Oregon fans had chanted a profane slogan about Muslims or Black Lives Matter. Or, heaven forbid, the transgender crowd.

There would’ve been condemnations from President Biden, wall-to-wall news coverage on CNN and MSNBC and the university would have been completely defunded.

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