VIDEO: Trans Activist Attacks TPUSA Students

A group of Turning Point USA students were attacked by a transgender activist on the campus of the University of Washington. Watch the video below and click here to follow my Rumble channel.

The activist, a man wearing a dress and black leggings, stormed over to a table display and hurled vile insults at the conservatives.

Can people self-identity their gender?

“Get the f*** off my campus, you Nazi,” the man screamed at students. “You’re TPUSA, you dumb b**ches, whatever.”

The conservative students remained calm and filmed the rant.

The video begins with the activist mid-sentence, saying: “You just support the genocide of trans kids.”

They were stunned when the activist flipped over their table and destroyed the display.

Campus police did not make any arrests.

I wrote a book that detailed the dangers posed by radical sex and gender activists. In “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing America,” I explain why the ultimate goal of these dangerous people is to completely eradicate gender norms. And they will use force if necessary to achieve their goals. Click here to read my book.

In recent days there has been a significant increase in the number of violent attacks committed by transgender people.

A woman who identified as a man shot and killed six people, including three children, at a Christian school in Nashville. And a man who identified as a woman was arrested for plotting attacks on churches and local schools in Colorado Springs.

TPUSA staffer Rachel Anderson filmed the disturbing violence saying sarcastically it was example of the “tolerance” at the University of Washington.

But instead of being frightened off — the transgender terrorist only emboldened the conservative students.

“We’re not going anywhere and will continue to have a presence on campus,” Anderson wrote on Twitter.

And that’s how you fight back against evil. Click here to read Todd’s book.

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