WATCH: Leftist Students Attack Conservative Kids: “F**k Your America”

Violence erupted on the campus of Chico State University in California after conservative students were targeted for hosting a “Walk Away” event.

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“F**k your America,” one of the raging thugs shouted. Watch below.

College Republicans had invited Brandon Straka to campus, the founder of the Walk Away movement, an effort to encourage minorities and others to leave the Democrat party.

A young man was brutally assaulted by some gal because he was holding an “All Lives Matter” sign. (I’m assuming this is a gal, so my apologies if the attacker identifies as he/they/them/ze/zir.)

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In another incident captured on video, a gay student stole the organization’s rainbow flag.

“This is my flag,” the homosexual student raged. “I’m gay, you’re not. I’m not giving the flag back.”

And in yet another incident Straka was surrounded by a gang of student thugs clearly infected with an extreme case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“F**k Donald Trump, b****,” one student yelled.

Another targeted a female conservative student who was filming the verbal assault. Students can be heard off camera calling the student a “dumbass white b****.”

So here’s what needs to happen:

The university should launch an immediate investigation into the behavior of the leftist agitators.

The he/she/they/them/ze/zir student who assaulted the conservative young man holding the sign should be charged with assault and battery.

The homosexual student who stole the flag should be arrested and charged with theft.

The minority students who uttered the phrase “dumbass white b****” should be charged with hate crimes.

And if the university refuses to protect the free speech rights of conservatives – they should be stripped of all federal funding.

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