WATCH: President Trump Ready for a Throw Down, Says He Wants a Trial

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President Trump says he wants a trial.

“The bottom line is, all of those witnesses, they’re all shifty Schiff’s,” he told Fox & Friends, adding “don’t forget there was no due process. You can’t have lawyers. We couldn’t have any witnesses.”

In essence he is telling Democrats — BRING IT ON!

We have a terrific show today with special guests Rep. Mo Brooks and Rep. Ken Buck. Investigative journalist Sara Carter has some breaking news regarding the Inspector General’s report.

Pastor Robert Jeffress is going to bring us up to date on the latest Chick-fil-A controversy.

Jeremy Dys from First Liberty Institute will be here to talk about a school district that is forcing girls to disrobe in front of boys who identify as girls in locker rooms and bathrooms.

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