White Privilege Assignment Angers Parents in Michigan

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Parents in Antrim County, Michigan are demanding answers after the local public schools held a series of classroom discussions on race.

An English assignment on “white privilege” caused the most concern.

The lesson, entitled “white privilege and whiteness,” asked students to reflect on how white privilege operates in their personal lives.

“White privilege is an advantage that protects white people against any form of discrimination related to their ethnicity and race,” the assignment says.

White students are encouraged to “recognize that white privilege exists” and “fight anti-racism” in an article students are told to summarize.

Moms and dads wondered what white privilege, which the assignment says is “fundamentally about power,” has to do with grammar and parsing participles.

The school district defended the assignment connected to the book, “A Raisin in the Sun.” The superintendent said it’s always good to look at different perspectives.

One parent said his son is a good kid and he doesn’t want his youngster to feel bad about the fact he was born white.

“That’s all well and good but singling out children for ridicule based on the color of their skin is bad form,” nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes said. “This is what critical race theory has done to our nation, folks.”