WOKE ALERT: Mercer University Considers Ditching Homecoming ‘King’ and ‘Queen’

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Mercer University in Georgia may soon banish their homecoming king and queen to the garbage dumpster of history. 


Should homecoming courts be gender neutral?

The private Christian university says they are considering a request to rename the homecoming tradition. Instead of gender designations, students would be crowned homecoming “royalty.”

There’s also a proposal on the table to allow both homecoming royalty to be of the same gender. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the once Baptist university has gone full blown woke. 

Mercer administrators say they were inspired by Kennesaw State University – a taxpayer-funded school. 

Students there have a gender neutral homecoming court. 

Mercer’s student newspaper quoted several students who argued that king and queen were not inclusive terms. 

Among the students who believe that the process should be changed is Erika Houser ’23, a neuroscience major.

“I know there is a lot of old tradition behind using the terms ‘king’ and ‘queen’ within Homecoming festivities,” Houser said. “Those have never been inclusive terms for students who do not identify as binary male or female and might place students in an uncomfortable position if they are nominated for the Homecoming court but do not feel comfortable using either of these labels.”

Mercer alum Cam Wade ’22 was one of those students who considered trying for Homecoming court but decided against it due to their gender identity.

“I think it’s long overdue that we overhaul some of these titles,” Wade said. “I honestly considered running for Homecoming Court my senior year, but I didn’t really know what category I would be grouped under since I was just coming into my non-binary identity, so I never did it.”

Mercer Cluster

Just because a school claims to be Christian does not necessarily mean that’s the case. 

Mercer is a CINO school – Christian in Name Only. 

And the most effective way to wake up the woke is for alumni of both genders to yank their funding.

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