Woke Florida Teacher Displays Gay, BLM Flag in Classroom

Republicans in Lee County, Florida are mobilizing to take on the local school board after they discovered a woke teacher was using a classroom to groom children with radical ideologies.

The unnamed teacher at Riverdale High School in Fort Myers erected a giant “”Hate Has No Home Here” flag. The flag and includes the words ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and the LGBTQ+ and transgender flags.

It’s yet another example of the wokeness that has infected our public schools. I write about this in my upcoming book, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America Be Saved?” Click here to get a copy.

“The Lee County School District are continuing to indoctrinate our children in anti-American radical ideologies,” the Republican Party said in a social media post.

“The Lee County GOP is NOT condemning or attacking School Board members over these posters. We simply want to make them aware that this is happening in violation of the law and on the issues they campaigned on, so they can take the appropriate action to stop the woke indoctrination of our children,” the GOP said.

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Lee County GOP Executive Committee Chairman Michael Thompson told the Fort Myers News-Press that the teacher’s flag violated state law.

Should taxpayer-funded classrooms be decorated with gay pride flags?

“It’s being influenced upon that child, whether they’re talking about it from a textbook, or if it’s being blatantly just put right in front of their face,” Thompson told the newspaper. “The Stop Woke Act was put into law to stop the indoctrination of our children.”

The school district made the teacher cover up the Black Lives Matter portion of the flag, but the pro-LGBT icons were allowed to remain.

“Disturbing to say the least,” said one resident on social media. “It is not a teachers right to have this ideology nor groom the students in a classroom! Remove them along with their flag!”

“Fire him,” wrote another resident, referring to the teacher. “Problem solved and sends a message to the other Cultural Marxist in our Florida schools.”

Republicans are staging a protest on Feb. 6 at the school board offices in Fort Myers.

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