Woman Repeatedly Punches Child Holding Trump Sign

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A 12-year-old boy holding a pro-Trump sign was brutally attacked by an unhinged woman who suffered a sudden attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It happened in Boulder, Colorado

Jesse Rosales told police officers that a woman on a moped approached his son because he was holding a Trump sign.

The suspect punched the kid in the back of the head and scratched his arms. She also tried to steal the Trump sign, but the little boy managed to hold on. Turns out that sign was the only way the kid could defend himself.

Police are searching for the attacker.

The Republican National Committee called on Colorado Democrats as well as Joe Biden to disavow hatred and violence against children, local reports allege.

The the little boy tells The Denver Channel that now he’s scared to show his support for President Trump.

And that – ladies and gentlemen – is why the left likes to bully conservatives.

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