Woman Says ‘Cotton’ Assignment Caused Her Daughter Extreme Emotional Distress

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There was a time in this nation when cotton was king — it was the fabric  of our lives — but then came the 21st century – and with it the cancel culture mob. 

Is cotton racist?

Cotton is now on the verboten list.

A black parent recently filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District over an assignment involving cotton.

Rashunda Pitts said her 14-year-old daughter’s social justice teacher set up a cotton patch in the front of the school. The kids were then instructed to pick cotton.

The school district offered a reasonable explanation for the assignment, according to the Los Angeles Times.

One day, as Pitts was dropping off her daughter on campus, she saw a cotton field in front of the school and called the office to speak with the school’s principal, Amy Diaz, who was unavailable, according to the lawsuit. Pitts spoke with Assistant Principal Brian Wisniewski, who explained that S.W.’s class was reading Frederick Douglass’ autobiography and that the cotton field was created so students could have a “real life experience” of slavery, the lawsuit says.

After Pitts expressed her disappointment with the project, Wisniewski agreed and said the school’s principal would reach out to Pitts, the lawsuit states. Diaz listened to Pitts’ request for the cotton field to be taken down in 24 hours but said that the school couldn’t accommodate such a quick turnaround, saying it could aim for the end of the week or the following week, but couldn’t make any promises, according to the lawsuit.

Los Angeles Times

The parent says her daughter suffered extreme emotional distress. 

“S.W. has suffered extreme emotional distress,” the lawsuit alleges. “She has uncontrollable anxiety attacks and has experiences bouts of depression when she thinks about the Cotton Picking Project.”

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Welcome to Woke America — where the children get triggered by Cotton swabs. 

Back when I was at Fox News I got in trouble for using the phrase “cotton picking.” As in – “Now, wait just one cotton picking minute.”

The cancel culture mob was on me like a boll weevil on a cotton boll. 

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