Yale Professor Attacks Homeschoolers for Teaching Patriotism

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Hello Americans. I’m Todd Starnes with news and commentary next. 

Homeschool numbers are skyrocketing across the nation — in part because of the China Virus.

But mostly because many parents have grown frustrated with public schools that are indoctrinating instead of educating. 

That’s a big problem for Yale professor Philip Gorski. He says that Christian homeschool is a “major vector of White Christian Nationalism.”

The other day Professor Gorski posted a photo of a homeschool advertisement. He was apparently triggered that students were taught to love America. That patriotism was part of the curriculum. 


“There is undoubtedly an overlap between Christian Nationalists and Christian homeschoolers,” Gorski said, according to Campus Reform.

“How big is it? And where is it? This we don’t really know because the number off homeschoolers picked up bu surveys are too small to allow for statistically reliable conclusions,” he tweeted.

He also shared a story from Christianity Today – calling for parents to root out the nationalist weed in Christian education. 

Christianity Today is a far left religious magazine. 


It’s my opinion that the country is a lot better off with homeschool kids raised to believe that the United States is one nation under God instead of public school kids raised to believe America is a bastion of racism and white supremacy. 

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