A Professor Told One of My Interns to Leave Class Early Because She Might Get Beat Up, Rep. Cammack tells Todd Starnes

I have had interns that have been let out of class early because the professor said you might get beat up

The following is a rush transcript from Todd’s interview with Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. Cammack, along with Rep. Jim Jordan have started the Campus Free Speech Caucus. They are partnering with Young America’s Foundation. During the conversation Cammack said one of her interns had come under attack because of her conservative beliefs. Click here to listen to the full interview.

CAMMACK: Free speech is just that. It’s free and you don’t always have to like it. But there is a difference between being critical and being hateful. And the experience of a conservative on college campuses today is that they are hated, they are vilified, they are harassed. In some cases. I have had interns that have been let out of class early because the professor said you might get beat up, so you should leave 10 minutes early. And of course, we’ve all heard about the story where liberals will have better grades than the conservatives because the professors allow students to rewrite the papers. It’s incredible.

After a bit of discussion about other issues, Todd returned to the issue of Cammack’s intern.

TODD: I just wanted to follow up on something you said. You said your interns, some of your interns – in their college classes – were told to leave because they might get beat up.

CAMMACK: [00:29:36] Yes, yes, absolutely. You know, it was actually last year on our political campaign, I had an intern and she came into the campaign office after class. She was completely distraught and she said, you would not believe what happened to me today. It was a poly-sci class and she was the lone Republican in the room. And her professor had given her such a hard time and said towards the end, he said, you know, why don’t you leave a few minutes early? I don’t think you’ll be safe leaving with everyone else.

TODD: Unbelievable.

CAMMACK: Believe it. But not not just in Gainesville. It’s everywhere.

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