Alaska Airlines Fires Christian Flight Attendants

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Alaska Airlines fired two flight attendants who raised concerns about the so-called Equality Act.

The legislation would add sexual orientation and gender identity to federal civil rights anti-discrimination laws.

In early 2001, Alaska Airlines invited employees to comment on the company’s endorsement of the Equality Act.

Flight attendant Marli Brown asked if the proposed law would endanger the church and suppress religious freedom. Lacey Smith raised concerns about the company regulating morality. Their questions prompted an investigation that led to their termination.  

First Liberty Institute represents the two flight attendants. They say Alaska Airlines broke the law – accusing them of religious discrimination and creating a hostile work environment.

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“Alaska Airlines has made it clear that employees who hold traditional Christian beliefs must stay silent if they want to keep their jobs,” said Stephanie Taub, senior counsel for First Liberty Institute. “Now, we clearly see that Alaska Airlines’ obsessive focus on DEI created a hostile work environment for anyone who dares disagree with the company about moral issues.”  

They are also suing the Association of Flight Attendants union. Instead of defending the pair – the union attacked – calling them bigots.

First Liberty says the union president reported the flight attendants’ comments to Alaska Airlines leadership. In a company chat among union representatives, one stated, “Can we PLEASE get someone to shut down comments, or put Marli and Lacey in a burlap bag and drop them in a well.”

Union representatives repeatedly disparaged the flight attendants, calling them “bigots” and “pukes.” Referring to Lacey, the Union President said, “I hate her.”  

First Liberty says Alaska Airlines obsessed about diversity, equity and inclusion – and punished anyone who disagreed with the company’s position on LGBT issues.

Instead of attacking Christian flight attendants, maybe Alaska Airlines should be more focused on making sure passengers don’t get sucked out of their jetliners.

Would you fly Alaska Airlines?

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