‘BEING A CHRISTIAN IS A CRIME NOW’ Church Faces Blowback in San Diego

A new church in San Diego has triggered the local Alphabet Activists.

“We want to let them know that we don’t want hate in our community,” protester Brian Trotier told 10News.com. “They’re divisive. They can pack up and go someplace else.”

Awaken, a multi-site megachurch with six campuses across the city, launched a new congregation on Coronado Island inside the famed Hotel Del Coronado.

The church made national news by continuing to hold services during the ‘Rona Virus years. And they have also taken a vocal stand against the grooming of children in public schools and libraries.

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Michelle Bjorklund is part of a group that wants to ban the church from planting a church on the island. She accused the pastors of being anti-gay.

“This one was especially alarming to me,” Bjorklund told 10News.com. “We hope they stand with the community of Coronado and not allow this organization to take a foothold in Coronado.”

Hundreds of protesters tried to disrupt the first meeting of the church.

“The people outside are saying we spread hate (toward the LGBTQ+ community), and it’s not true,” one church member told the Coronado Times. “We don’t hate them; we love them. I do believe that what they’re doing is a sin that is not a part of who God made them to be, but we all have sin. I still love them.”

Dems Tell San Diego Christians: Pack Your Bibles And Get Out

The local Democrat Party along with LGBT organizations demanded the evangelical Christians pack up their Bibles and get out of town.

“Our concerns with Awaken are that leaders consistently share hateful messaging to LGBTQ and their presence is a threat to this already-marginalized group of people,” Coronado Islanders Against Hate told the Times of San Diego. “These are our neighbors. These are our friends. They are the young students in the community. They are our co-workers. For some people, it’s family members. They are part of our community and are worth protecting.”

Do you stand with Awaken Church or the LGBT activists?

The San Diego Democrats for Equality also blasted Hilton, the owner of the famed Hotel Del. They accused the hotel of being in “violation of their inclusive business practices and policies.”

The church has not commented on the controversy, but members say they are stunned by the intolerance within the LGBT community.

“There’s freedom of religion and I don’t know why they’re protesting,” said one attendee. “I think this is ridiculous that they’re trying to accuse a church of hate.”

“I’m literally here just to support them because this really bothered me,” another church member told the television station. “I feel like you can’t be Christian. Being Christian is a crime now.”

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