Black Lives Matter Thugs Take Over “Candy Cane Lane” – A Fundraiser for Kids With Cancer

An event that was meant to benefit research and treatment for children with cancer turned into a Black Lives Matter invasion.

A group of neighbors in Wisconsin join forces with Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MAAC) every year to raise money.

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Every Christmas season, the neighbors transform their yards into a winter wonderland, complete with lights and magical scenes. This year turned out to be a lot different than in the past, however.

A pleasant stroll through “Candy Cane Lane” turned into a BLM rally:

What kind of new low is this? Why would you disrupt a fundraiser for children with cancer?

With so few people out and about right now, I guess the activists were trying to go somewhere that they knew they would have spectators.

Nothing is sacred anymore, and that includes Christmas traditions. Something that I’ve noticed as 2020 comes to a close is that people have become numb to the notion of respecting people’s property and possessions. This is a mindset that has been building over the last handful of years. People feel entitled to stuff that isn’t their own.

Also, it’s amusing how governors are trying to limit Christmas gatherings but won’t apply the same rules to BLM rallies. But hey, equality!