Black Studies Professor Says Queen Elizabeth Is ‘Symbol of White Supremacy’

Her Majesty has been cancelled. A UK Black studies professor called Queen Elizabeth the “number one symbol of white supremacy in the entire world” after a committee of Oxford University students voted to tear down a portrait of Queen Elizabeth from their common room because she ‘represents colonialism.”

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Her Majesty has been cancelled.  

A UK Black studies professor called Queen Elizabeth the “number one symbol of white supremacy in the entire world” after a committee of Oxford University students voted to tear down a portrait of Queen Elizabeth from their common room because she ‘represents colonialism.”  

Kehinde Andrews, UK’s first Black studies professor, backed the removal of the monarch’s portrait on Good Morning Britain, arguing the British institution represents racism and white supremacy.  

“If we’re honest the Queen doesn’t just represent modern colonialism, the Queen is probably the number one symbol of white supremacy in the entire world,” he said.. “A born to rule elite of this really white family. The head of the commonwealth, which is actually the empire.” 

“Even in that picture she’s wearing jewels stolen from different parts of the black and brown world,” he added. 

The portrait of the Queen will be replaced by “art by or of other influential and inspirational people.” 

The British news anchor shot back at Andrews’ accusation: “How can [taking down her portrait] make any sense when this Queen presided over the dismantling of the colonialist…how can you call her a colonialist? She’s the opposite of a colonialist.” 

Watch the full exchange below:  

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