Dave Rubin: Woke Mob Wants to ‘Destroy Every Institution in America’

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Political commentator Dave Rubin decried the cancel culture mob and Black Lives Matter (BLM) Tuesday on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

With sweet potatoes on the brink of getting canceled and BLM riots starting up again, the “Rubin Report” host weighed in.

“We’re watching so much of the fabric that brings America together just absolutely burn up,” said Rubin. “The woke progressive movement is here to destroy every institution in America. I say that as someone who’s not an alarmist.”

Protests erupted after the killing of Daunte Wright Sunday night, who was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis.

Public mourners included Wright’s family and friends who gathered, wept and consoled each other alongside protesters who carried “Black Lives Matter” flags, jumped atop police cars, confronted officers, and walked peacefully in columns with their hands held up.

According to journalist Elijah Schaffer, Antifa was also there rioting in Minneapolis, as well as Portland. 

Rubin called out BLM for the hypocrisy and riots over the years. 

“What has Black Lives Matter done other than destroy cities and make the founders very rich?” asked Rubin.

According to Rubin, one of the founders of BLM made millions of dollars and has more than one mansion. 

“[Has BLM] sent any black kids to college?” Rubin continued. “Have they built institutions?”

Host Todd Starnes lamented that the Left is now trying to say sweet potatoes are being culturally appropriated.

“[Food and Wine Magazine is] saying white people have no right to culturally appropriate the sweet potato,” said Starnes. “And I say that’s a load of huey. I love sweet potato pie. I love sweet potato casserole.”

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