Cops Shut Down Little Girl’s Lemonade Stand

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Asa Baker is a budding entrepreneur — an eight-year-old who’s been running a lemonade stand this summer. 

On most days she sets up shop in the front yard of her family’s home in Alliance, Ohio. 

Should kids be required to get permits to sell lemonade?

But the other day she got wind of a big festival in town — near her dad’s office. The Alliance Rib and Food Festival. She decided all those hungry folks might be thirsty, so she set up her lemonade stand about a half block from the festival. 

A few minutes later – the police showed up. They said someone had filed a complaint. 

“Well, they were really sad that they had to shut me down but they gave me $20 to try and pay for it,” Asa told Fox 8.

Turns out that in Ohio anyone who sells lemonade has to have a permit. She was told to shut down her stand. 

The police officer felt bad – but the law is the law. So he gave her $20 so she could buy a permit. 

“I could definitely tell he did not want to shut her down, but, I mean, you get a call, he has to do it. He definitely did the right thing, you know, in the situation he was put in,” Asa’s mother told the television station.

Eric Strata, the owner of Black Sales Liquidation, read a Facebook post about Asa and he was so impressed he offered to let her sell lemonade from his downtown business.

“I don’t know a lot of 8-year-olds with motivation like that. I know when I was 8 years old I was video gaming it up and I was inside on the couch watching Saturday morning cartoons. I was not doing a lemonade stand trying to make my own money,” Strata told Fox 8.

What a messed up country we live in where kids need government papers to sell lemonade. 

“I understand the rules, I understand why she got shut down. It’s just a sad, sad situation,” Asa’s mom told the television station.

The only thing more sour than the lemons is the low-life who ratted out the eight-year-old. 

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