Dave Ramsey Claps Back: ‘I Have Upset and Melted Many Snowflakes!’

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Dave Ramsey doubled down on his comments after getting backlash for saying people are losing their minds if a $600 stimulus check will change their lives.

In the viral Fox News interview, Ramsey discussed his opposition to coronavirus stimulus checks from the government:

Predictably, cancel culture caught wind of the comments and came after him in swift fashion on Twitter:

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace curriculum is used in many premarital counseling classes across the county. Twitter users started to even attack Ramsey on a spiritual level:

In a response to the social media crowd, Ramsey didn’t back down from his previous comments.

He talked about it on his show Thursday and retorted “It’s like, apparently, I have upset and melted many snowflakes!”

Ramsey didn’t stop there in his nine-minute rant.

“I mean, honestly, I thought it was a fairly obvious thing! If $600 changes your life, your life really sucks! You don’t have a life, you’re screwed!” he explained.

Check out the full segment here:

Ramsey has always been blunt with his opinions on his national radio show, and he won’t start mincing words now just because the “snowflakes” are coming after him.