Disney Cracking Down on Peter Pan, Dumbo and Swiss Family Robinson

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The following is a transcript of Todd’s morning radio commentary.

Hello Americans. I’m Todd Starnes with news and commentary next. 

Children are going to have a much harder time watching Disney classics like Peter Pan, Dumbo and Swiss Family Robinson. 

Disney says they are adding kid filters and warning labels to all those classic movies – Aristocats, too.

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Disney says the movies include negative depictions of people and cultures. Part of their effort to create a more inclusive future for Americans. 

Listen to Todd’s interview with Newsmax TV’s Rob Finnerty

The problem with Dumbo is the song and dance number featuring the elephant and a bunch of black crows. Disney says the scene was an homage to racist minstrel shows. 

“The leader of the group in Dumbo is Jim Crow, which shares the name of laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States,” Disney said in a statement.

Peter Pan and Swiss Family Robinson were hit for their negative portrayals of Indians and pirates.

“It shows them speaking in an unintelligible language and repeatedly refers to them as ‘redskins,’ an offensive term. 

As for the pirates?

“The pirates who antagonize the Robinson family are portrayed as a stereotypical foreign menace,” Disney said.

As for the Aristocats, — one of the cats is depicted with slanted eyes and buck teeth. 

“The Siamese cat Shun Gon is depicted as a racist caricature of East Asian peoples with exaggerated stereotypical traits such as slanted eyes and buck teeth. 

There were some classic films that were spared from Disney’s Wonderful World of cultural cleansing – The Country Bears and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. 

Shows that portrayed white folks as a bunch of barefoot hillbillies who play banjos. 

I’m sure that was just an oversight.

And if you believe that, welcome to Fantasy Land.

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