Family Dollar Store Security Guard PUNISHED for Doing His Job

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A security guard at a Family Dollar in Memphis was suspended after he tried to stop shoplifters from cleaning out the store, Fox 13 reports.

Should the Family Dollar security guard lose his job for doing his job?

Video, which you can watch below, shows a gang of five thugs stealing merchandise from the discount chain.

“It was mayhem,” Asset Preventional Special Johnny Bluitt told the television station.

Normally, employees and customers step back and stand down.

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But that’s not what happened in Memphis – a city that has been devastated by a Democrat-endorsed crime wave.

The video shows the son of a staffer tackling one of the suspects as employes locked the doors and that’s when all you-know-what broke out.

“They fight,” he said. “So then, I came in and tried to calm him down.”

Bluitt put one of the thugs in a chokehold as the bad guy squirmed on the floor of the store.

“I go kids,” the suspect whined. “Please, let me go. I don’t wanna go to jail.”

Another thugette returned to the store with weapons and was able to help her fellow thug escape.

Memphis police estimate Family Dollar sustained $6,000, Fox 13 reports.

Instead of giving Bluitt a commendation for doing his job, he told the television station that he was suspended for violating store policy.

“I was hired for what you all told me to do,” Bluitt said. “But, I believe they can take more preventative safety measures to ensure the safety of their employees which is not what they are doing.”

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