Justin Bieber Takes on Cancel Culture

Justin Bieber Cancel Culture
Justin Bieber takes on cancel culture in his new E.P. (YouTube Originals)

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Justin Bieber says cancel culture is “not the answer” in a new gospel E.P. titled “Freedom.”

The 27-year-old singer, who has been vocal about being a Christian and struggling in the spotlight, laments cancel culture in his song, “Afraid To Say.”

“What have we done with society when everybody’s getting canceled?” the pop singer asks. “And can’t there be room for maturity? ‘Cause writing ’em off is not the answer.”


He points to God’s redemption as the solution.

“God never writes us off, even in our darkest days. Even when we least deserve it. Even when we’re doing that stupid thing we wish we weren’t doing,” Bieber says. “God never writes us off ever. He’s with us in our pain. He’s with us in a struggle. He’s with us in our bad decisions. He’s with us all the time. He never writes us off.”

Lauren Walters, who is featured on the song, ends by quoting Psalm 139:13-16.

“You formed the whole of me. Inward and out, I am awesomely and wonderfully created. Your creations are spectacular. You skillfully designed me. You saw the essence of me, before I was formed. Before I existed, all of my days were written in your book.”

The newlywed surprised fans with the new E.P. on Easter Sunday. Freedom features appearances from Brandon Love, Chandler Moore, Tori Kelly, and his Churchome pastor, Judah Smith, who does spoken word on a few tracks.


In the song, “We’re In This Together,” Bieber prays for his followers.

“I pray for every single person listening to this song right now. I pray for peace. I pray for joy. I pray for confidence. I pray for reassurance,” he petitioned. “Thank you so much for the person listening to this right now. I pray that you will bless them. Bless their mind, their finances, bless their family, bless their sons, bless their daughters, bless their moms, bless their dads, bless their grandparents.” 

He adds: “God, I just pray for an overwhelming sense of your presence in their home right now, an overwhelming sense of your peace that says everything is going to be alright. In the name of Jesus.”

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