Justin Bieber Gets Backlash for Including MLK Quotes on ‘Justice’ Album

Justin Bieber Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) Justice Album

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The cancel culture mob is coming for Justin Bieber for featuring Martin Luther King Jr. in his latest album, “Justice.”

The popular singer got backlash for including several MLK quotes on his sixth studio album released Friday.


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” the late civil rights icon can be heard saying at the beginning of his album, from King’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail.”

Listeners took to Twitter to question Bieber’s use on his pop album.

“Why did Justin Bieber, a white man, use Martin Luther King Jr. on his album titled “Justice” which is about his wife who is a white woman?” one user wrote. “Otherwise, the music is cute.”


“now I know the Rev. Martin Luther King is not on this Justin Bieber album, my eyes and ears must be deceiving me,” another user added.

Despite the backlash, King’s daughter, Bernice King, praised Bieber.

“Each of us, including artists and entertainers, can do something,” she wrote. “Thank you, @justinbieber, for your support, in honor of #Justice, of @TheKingCenter’s work and of our #BeLove campaign, which is a part of our global movement for justice. #MLK #EndRacism.”

Bieber in an article published Friday said he wanted to make sure this generation was introduced to MLK.

“What I wanted to do with this was amplify [Dr] Martin Luther King Jr’s voice to this generation,” Bieber told Vogue.

“Being Canadian, it wasn’t so much a part of my culture […] this speech was actually during the time when [he had] a feeling that he was going to die for the cause, and what he was standing up against was ultimately racism and division. I think his message was that a lot of people can be afraid to stand up for what is right, but if you’re not standing up for justice — for what is right — what are you doing with your life? I’m sorry to get so deep, but these are the times we’re living in. That’s why I wanted to make this album because I think it’s very timely and very necessary.”

Nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes expressed his sympathy for the pop singer.

“I feel bad for the Biebs … he’s trying to do right,” Starnes said Monday on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

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