Levi’s Exec Learns You Can Never Reason with Cancel Culture Mob

The Todd Starnes Radio Show discussed how former Levi Executive learned how you can never please the mob.

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What is the proper response to the cancel culture mob?

Todd Starnes discussed how a Levi’s executive lost her job after speaking out against California’s handling of the China Virus in the public school system.

“You’re never woke enough,” Starnes said of Jennifer Sey, who was an Elizabeth Warren Democrat that Levi’s compared to former President Trump for opposing keeping kids out of schools.


Here is a copy of the transcript:

TODD STARNES: [00:35:06] Jennifer, Sey is. Or should I say, was a former executive at Levi Strauss and company based in San Francisco by the way- the Blue Gene Company. She met with the company since 1999, started out in as an assistant and worked her way all the way to the top of the company and was in line to be the next CEO of Levi Strauss. But she was forced out of her job because she is very upset at how California has been handling the China virus crisis in the in the classroom. And it’s it’s interesting because she is a Democrat. She is a supporter of Elizabeth Warren. That’s who she supported for, for the White House, and she’s being called every name under the book because she opposes these mandates in the classroom, and she has been very outspoken. She appeared on a lot of local news shows in her capacity as a mom, so she’s got four kids and she is just very concerned. And she was called into the company, the HR department, and she was accused because of her positions. She was accused of being a racist. Now what’s weird about this is she has two black sons. So how is it that you can accuse this woman of being a racist? Again, she’s a Democrat. She actually was very supportive in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder and the Ahmaud Arbery case down in Georgia. And she said not a single person of the company complained about her activism until she started speaking out against these mandates. So she got called in to legal H.R. board of directors. They’re all very upset. By the way her title is not in her Twitter bio. She’s always speaking as a public school mom of four kids, and she was being accused of all these horrible things by the company, and they told her, Look, here’s the deal. You’re either going to be quiet or we’re going to we’re going to give you the heave ho. And so anyway, the official line is that they forced that she resigned. They meet. They made her sign a nondisclosure agreement, but she refused to sign it. It was that that NDA was worth a million dollars, but she refused to sign it. She points out it doesn’t make any sense because she said colleagues that Levi Strauss posted nonstop about the need to oust Trump in the November election. And that was OK, it was OK for her to advocate on behalf of Elizabeth Warren, and now she says that. And she also says those companies taken political stands on gay rights, voting rights, gun safety. And now the argument is, well, we don’t weigh in on hyper local issues like this. All right. Well, first of all, this is a hyper national issue. So anyway, Jennifer, say a writing on Substack. She says, I refuse to stop talking. I keep I kept calling out the hypocritical and unproven policies met with the mayor’s office. She ended up moving her entire family to Denver so that her child could experience real school. So anyway, now she’s out of a job. The head of diversity, equity and inclusion at Levi Strauss suggested that she might want to do an apology tour. What? Quote, “I was told the main complaint against me was was that I was not a friend of the black community, that I was an imperfect ally.” You know-I [00:38:57][231.5]

GRACE BAKER: [00:38:58] Never woke enough. [00:39:02][3.4]

STARNES: [00:39:03] No, you’re never woke enough. [00:39:04][1.2]

BAKER: [00:39:05] Never  [00:39:06][1.0]


STARNES: [00:39:06] It doesn’t matter how many black kids you have. It’s never enough. It’s never enough. [00:39:12][5.5]

BAKER: [00:39:13] If you speak out on one thing, they don’t agree with you and if you’ve agreed with everything else you’re done for. [00:39:17][4.6]

STARNES: [00:39:18] Back in 2017, she asked to be the executive sponsor of the Black Employee Resource Group. [00:39:23][5.3]

BAKER: [00:39:25] Wow. I mean, she really. She’s a great example of this. [00:39:28][3.1]

STARNES: [00:39:29] They said the fact that she’s fought for her kids for years did not matter. [00:39:32][3.1]

BAKER: [00:39:33] Nope,. [00:39:33][0.0]

STARNES: [00:39:33] It didn’t matter. She was citing facts. The head, the head of H.R., said that even though she was right about the schools, it was classist and racist that public schools stayed shut while private schools were open. There you go. And so the next CEO of Levi’s. Is now unemployed out of a job [00:39:58][25.0]

BAKER: [00:39:59] insane, [00:39:59][0.0]

STARNES: [00:40:00] And I’m glad she’s talking about it. Had she had signed that million dollar severance package, nobody would know. Nobody would know. So there you go. They said that she was acting like Donald Trump. [00:40:15][14.2]

BAKER: [00:40:16] Wow. [00:40:16][0.0]

STARNES: [00:40:16] That’s what they said. So I don’t know where you buy your blue jeans, but folks, I wouldn’t give a single penny to Levi, and I would tell him I would go to the local Levi’s store and say, You know what? I love your product not going to buy it anymore. And here’s the reason why. Got to start, folks. We’ve got to start living our lives by supporting companies that share our values. This is outrageous. So we stand with Jennifer Sey, the Elizabeth Warren Democrat, who turned out to be too woke or not woke enough. There you go. [00:40:59][43.1]

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