MAGA Truckers Boycotting NYC Over Trump Verdict

There’s a very good chance that New York City grocery stores and retail shops could be running low on supplies over the next few weeks. That’s because a number of truck drivers are boycotting the Big Apple to protest the $35 million verdict in President Trump’s civil fraud trial.

A trucker with the X name “Chicago Ray” took to the social media platform Friday night and posted a video in which he expressed fellow truckers’ outrage at the verdict.

“I’ve been on the radio for over an hour and I’ve talked to at least (10) Truckers who are gonna start refusing loads of Monday for (NYC) …I talked to (3) guys that I work with who texted the boss and told him no (NYC),” Chicago Ray posted on X.

President Trump reposted the message on his Truth Social account.

“Truckers are (95%) Trump… it’ll get overturned on appeal but you know how f**ken hard it is to get one of these mfrs into (NYC)  cut the bulls**t I’ll cya down the road”

Chicago Ray said truckers were “tired with you leftists” focused on getting Trump, and added the truckers’ bosses did not care where the loads are dropped.

“I don’t wish nothing on nobody, but what I’m hearing, this is real,” he said. “MAGA isn’t a Cult ….. it’s a way of life, and from now on we will be choosing our representatives in congress & that’s why Democrats & the media are scared to death.”

By Sunday morning, Ray’s post had been viewed more than 5.4 million times and received more than 54,000 likes, Newsmax.com reported.

Since Chicago Ray sharing his video, others have commented in support of the alleged boycott.

“Food doesn’t grow in the produce section and products don’t magically appear on store shelves. I stand with the truckers fighting NYC’s witch hunt against President Trump,” Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) wrote on X. “The leaders of the city will soon learn America is fed up with their antics.”

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Should big rig truckers refuse to haul loads to NYC?

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