Motorist Turned Away From Car Inspection Because of ‘Pro-Trump’ Bumper Sticker

A Todd Starnes Show caller from North Carolina says she was turned away from an automobile inspection station because she had a pro-Trump bumper sticker on her car. Following, is a rush transcript or listen to the interview above. Click here to join Todd’s private Facebook group for conservatives and Christians.

CALLER: I wanted to take my car to get inspected. Okay. I went last year, but now I went back. But they’re new owners. They took my car into the garage. I was waiting in the waiting room. I showed them all my credentials. They come out and tell me they can’t do my car because of my stickers on my car.

TODD: [00:55:54] Wait? What? What are they doing? What are they doing to your car? Is this the inspection?

CALLER: [00:55:58] They were doing an inspection. Yes.

TODD: [00:56:01] And did that? Did you ask them why?

CALLER: [00:56:05] They said because I think they didn’t go for the Trump and I had Let’s Go Brandon and I have pump more American oil on my car.

TODD: [00:56:15] I see. And so what happened? What did you do?

CALLER: [00:56:20] I just laughed and I went into I had to come back home and look in the phone book to see if I could find another gas station. I did find it at the gas station and I explained to these gentleman what happened to the prior gas station. And they were like, Are you kidding me? Who are these people?

TODD: [00:56:38] Patty, what was the name of this gas station?

CALLER: [00:56:41] I’m not going to mention the gas station.

TODD: [00:56:43] Well, are you sure? I mean, we’d love to be able to let people know so they can avoid getting their gasoline there.

CALLER: [00:56:51] No, they don’t. They don’t do gasoline. They just do Inspections. They just do the inspections.

TODD: What town was this? Where did this happen? What town?

CALLER: [00:57:01] This is in Statesville, North Carolina.

TODD: [00:57:03] Right. So Statesville, North Carolina. It’s not really a gas station, but it’s a place where you go to get your car inspected so you can get your tags.

CALLER: [00:57:13] Well, I had no problem last year. And then when I went back, I didn’t know there were new rules..

TODD: [00:57:18] Whoa. Okay, Patty, we got a problem with your phone there. I’m not sure what that was, but anyway, appreciate your calling in. That’s crazy. Crazy. But I’ve heard I’ve heard other stories and I’ve seen other reports about people that are denied service because of their conservative political beliefs.

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