Museum Drops ‘Christmas’ for ‘Winter Festival’

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The war on Christmas is raging across the Big Pond. 

Do you say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays"?

Staff at the University of Brighton have been told to avoid using the word “Christmas” when describing Christmas parties. 

The British school issued a nine-page document to avoid offending people who don’t celebrate the holiday. 

Civil servants across the nation were advised to stop calling their office parties “Christmas parties,” leading the British News Channel to blast the government.

“Things like ‘unconscious bias’ training in the Civil Service, and on Groupthink that is turning Christmas into a woke fest, in the form of the official Civil Service ‘faith and belief toolkit’ which states that Christmas parties are permitted but managers should ‘think about the venue and bear in mind that not everyone consumes alcohol,'” the news agency said. “For goodness sake. All this In the name of diversity and inclusion, we are paying people to come up with this tosh.”

And the Museum of the Home has renamed its traditional Christmas exhibit to be more inclusive of other holidays. This year it’s being called “Winter Festival.”

The London-based museum is also hosting a “celebration of the winter solstice through a Black, queer lens.”

Sounds naughty, definitely not nice. 

It’s unfortunate that Christian holidays have become targets for progressives and atheists. 

But nothing triggers the left like public celebrations of the reason for the season. 

My advice — sing “Joy to the World” just a little bit louder. 

And you can enjoy the Christmas season knowing that when the left attacks the reason for the season – I’m on them like Tiny Tim on a Christmas Day ham. 

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