NYC to Consider Removing George Washington Statue

George Washington, the Father of our Country, may soon get evicted from the Big Apple.

The New York City Cultural Affairs Committee is set to hold a public hearing that could lead to the removal of statues and monuments honoring our nation’s first president, Christopher Columbus and Peter Stuyvesant.

Stuyvesant was an early settler of New York City and has a park and prominent high school named in his honor. He was also a slaveholder – and he was white.

There are multiple statues and monuments to Washington, including Washington Square Park and the George Washington Bridge. It’s unclear whether the park and bridge will be leveled or just simply renamed.

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Columbus Circle, at the entrance of Central Park, has long been a source of controversy among the perpetually offended crowd. But the Italians are vowing to fight.

“Columbus was a migrant!’’ Angelo Vivolo, president of the Columbus Heritage Coalition, told the New York Post. “This woke group wants to cancel our culture.”

In 2021 New York City’s overwhelmingly Democrat city council voted to remove Thomas Jefferson from City Hall. Jefferson’s crime was also being white — and a slaveholder — and a man — and heterosexual.

“This is little more than an attempt by the radical left to rewrite our nation’s history,” Joann Ariola (R-Queens) told the newspaper. “These men all had an enormous impact on this country, and these statues commemorating their achievements have been in place for decades.

“The radical left has been trying to reframe our nation as one born from evil, and it is time we put our foot down and say enough is enough,” she said. “The Founding Fathers and the others who worked so hard to establish this great country should be celebrated, not eliminated from memory.”

The Cultural Affairs Committee will consider removing any statue “depict(ing) a person who owned enslaved persons or directly benefited economically from slavery, or who participated in systemic crimes against indigenous peoples or other crimes against humanity.” 

“I’m here for the fight. The Italian-American community will come out strongly against this move to ban Columbus, a symbol of Italian-American accomplishment. But it’s not just Columbus. You’re going against Washington, Jefferson. You’re going against the people who contributed greatly to America,” Vivolo said

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