Pastor Jack Hibbs Triggers Atheists With U.S. Capitol Prayer

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is protesting the U.S. House inviting Pastor Jack Hibbs to open the session with prayer, calling the invitation “reprehensible.”

Hibbs opened his prayer in Congress saying “Let’s pray. Almighty God and Father our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, together we come before you in humility as the people in need of your forgiveness.”

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Hibbs continued: “I ask you today, Father, to bring us to a great awakening of righteousness and confidence in you, who alone is mighty to save. Hear my cry in this hour of great need that we might be humbly blessed before you in the repentance of our national sins.” 

The atheist group is protesting who they call a “vengeful zealot,” being invited to open Congress with the prayer. A conflict of what they believe to be an invasion of separation of church and state.

The Foundation wrote, “Why didn’t the (undoubtedly few) members of Congress present rise en masse out of self-respect and walk out?”

“It’s time in a nation predicated on a secular Constitution to end this congressional exercise in piety and pandering. Members of Congress can pray or attend prayer on their own time and dime, and spare the rest of us the fatuous vaporizings from an unpatriotic pastor that we were subjected to yesterday,” the atheist group concluded.

View Pastor Jack Hibb’s Prayer Below:

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