Beloved Baby Sleep Trainer Attacked for Donating to Trump

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“Cancel Culture” strikes again. This time, its target is a sleep trainer for babies.

A Twitter user posted the following image showing that the founder of Taking Cara Babies, Cara Dumaplin, had donated to former President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Unsurprisingly, the woke Leftist mob took this to mean she is a terrible person that can’t be trusted.

Many influencers deal with trolls on social media. However, these critics didn’t stop there. Reportedly these haters posted all of her instructional videos, which normally have to be paid for to access, online:

Currently, the Taking Cara Babies Facebook page is gone as well.

I shop at many places that don’t have all of the same beliefs as me. In the end, I can choose where I shop, and if a retailer provides a quality product, I normally don’t care what their political affiliations are.

The Left is so concerned about canceling anyone that has ever supported former President Trump, but they can’t recognize how hypocritical they’re being.