Reporter Loses Job Over Tweet She Wrote Years Ago as Teenager

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Another journalist has become a victim of the Cancel Culture mob. 

Kasey Funderberg was a sideline reporter for the University of Tennessee and the Vol Network.

Funderburg, 26, is a UT graduate and was a full-time employee in the athletics department. She also served as an on-air personality for VFL Films and “Vol Calls,” the popular weekly call-in show for UT coaches.

She was very good at her job. 

The other day, though, she rebuked a person on Twitter who suggested that Tennessee fans should blacken their faces for the team’s “dark mode” mode game against Kentucky. 

“All fans will be asked to wear black clothes and paint their face all black as well,” the person tweeted.

Ms. Funderberg said it was disgusting and rebuked the man. 

“THIS IS A FAKE ACCOUNT and it’s disgusting that this person thinks putting out a joke like this is okay. Please don’t believe everything you read on Twitter,” Funderburg posted, according to Knox News.

In a separate tweet, Funderburg reportedly posted: “A person who thinks it’s funny to put out that Tennessee is asking fans to wear blackface is disgusting. This is where I stand.”

Not long after other Twitter users did a deep dive on the platform and shared screen shots that showed Ms. Funderburg had a history of using racist language on social media. 

But here’s the catch — the tweets were from 2013 — when Ms. Funderberg was 17-years-old. 

Long story short – she’s now out of a job. Whether she was fired or resigned is not clear. 

More than a thousand people signed a petition calling for her to be reinstated. 

Parents – get your kids off social media right now. Something they write or film at the age of 14 could very well destroy their lives. 

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