Salvation Army Removes Sermon That Offended LGBT Activists, Investigates Ministers

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There’s a big controversy involving the Salvation Army – and it’s got nothing to do with the bell ringers. 

Two Salvation Army leaders in Lexington, Kentucky are reportedly under investigation after they delivered a sermon that some people considered to be anti-gay. 

Should pastors be free to teach from the Bible - even if it offends the LGBT crowd?

Major Kevin Schoch and his wife told a recent gathering that public schools are forcing students to attend discussions about LGBT issues. 

“This is the effort that has been made to turn their children away from their families, to turn their children away from God,” Schoch told the congregation. “To confuse them, to manipulate them, it’s a terrible thing.”

That’s actually true – and very well documented. 

Major Schoch said educators are trying to turn children away from their families and away from God. 

Schoch said people in school are being forced to use pronouns students want to identify with. “When they got no clue why they’re not identifying themselves with something else and why they can’t just be the ‘he and him’ he was created to be and why she can’t be the ‘she and her’ that God created her to be,” Schoch said.

Again – very well documented. 

It was part of a sermon that also addressed transgenderism and critical race theory. 

The livestream of the service was removed from the Salvation Army’s Facebook page after people began to complain. 

A pro-gay group in Kentucky told Lex18 News that the sermon was disturbing and downright discriminatory. 

“This is incredibly disappointing, disturbing, and downright discriminatory,” said Chris Hartman, director of the Fairness Campaign in Kentucky. “It’s beyond disheartening, it’s really shameful.”

He said the Christian ministers should be punished for preaching about the Bible’s teachings on sex and gender.

“If the Salvation Army is serious about being welcoming to LGBTQ people I definitely think they will have to take some action, some disciplinary action against Major Schoch here,” Hartman said.

We’ll keep you updated once the Salvation Army returns calls about the employment status of Major Schoch and his wife.

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