School District Removes Christmas, Easter From Calendar

A Minnesota school district removed Christmas and Easter from its official calendar to comply with the district’s commitment to equity and diversity. In other words, the only way to achieve equity and diversity is to eliminate the Christian holidays.

Brainerd Public Schools said students and faculty would still get holidays, but moving forward those holidays would be known as Winter Break and Spring Break. How original.

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“The intent here was that we’re recognizing that we’re a diverse community with many different beliefs and that we wanted to make sure that we weren’t creating a condition where we were excluding someone unnecessarily from feeling a full participant in the community that’s Brainerd Public Schools,” Tim Murtha, the district’s director of teaching and learning, told school board members.

The Brainerd Dispatch reported that Murtha pointed to the “district’s commitment to equity signed in July 2021, along with the definition of inclusion as brought forth by the district’s Equity Task Force.”

New board member DJ Dondelinger said it made no sense to remove the Christian holidays from the calendar.

“We’re a Christian country, built on Christian values — we may not be today — I’m not saying everyone’s a Christian, but if you and I took a job in Saudi Arabia, we probably wouldn’t be upset that Christmas wasn’t on the schedule. If we were in Israel, I don’t think it’d be upsetting that Christmas wasn’t on the calendar. And that’s just what this country was built on,” he told the newspaper.

Citizens were just shell shocked that the cancel culture mob had taken over their small town.

“People are going to have to start standing up and saying ‘oh hell no,'” one resident wrote on social media. “This is a Country founded Christian values and now our schools are getting rid of Christmas off of their calendar and Easter. I can’t believe this.”

As I write in my new book, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming,” it is imperative that American patriots rise up in our small towns and large cities. We must demand that our elected leaders embrace the values that our Founding Fathers embraced. Click here to pre-order my new book.

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