U.S. Soccer Tells Starnes Players Were Not Disrespecting 98-year-old WWII Veteran

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UPDATE: A spokesman for U.S. Women’s Soccer tells the Todd Starnes Show that players did not disrespect a 98-year-old World War II veteran as he played the national anthem.

Social media erupted after fans and spectators saw players turning away from Pete DuPre as he played the national anthem on a harmonica.

Players from the U.S. team stood on one side of the performance and the Mexico team stood on the other.

The Mexican team all stood together facing forward — as did many of the American players. However, some of the players turned the other way.

Neil Buethe, the chief communications officer for U.S. Soccer told the Todd Starnes Show they players turned to face the American flag.

“Anyone that had their backs towards Pete — were looking at a flag that was on a flagpole,” Buethe said. “No one is turning their back on the guy.”

After the match a number of players signed a soccer ball that had been presented to DuPre.