STARNES: Santa Gets Handgun Permit and Twitter Gets Triggered

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Santa Claus got a concealed carry permit the other day. He showed up at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department in Colorado.

It was a clever social media post featuring an image of a guy with white hair, a white beard and red overalls, along with the caption, “Guess who came in to receive his concealed handgun permit today?” 

It was a clever social media post promoting concealed handgun permits.

But folks on Twitter thought otherwise – accusing the sheriff’s department of being insensitive.

A Twitter user condemned the post, saying, “I’m sitting here in downtown Oxford, MI, waiting for the candlelight vigil to start to pay tribute to 4 students who were murdered by a handgun smuggled into the school. But by all means, tell kids Santa carries a concealed weapon.”

Another questioned the motivation for the post, asking, “What is your message to children here?Santa has a legally concealed weapon? For protection against elves, reindeer, children who take a peek on Xmas eve? There is enough anxiety among children already.”

The sheriff backtracked and apologized – said they meant no disrespect.

“EPSO intended to highlight our staff in the Concealed Handgun Permit Office, not to be insensitive,” it wrote. “Santa correlates to the month of December and we thought he would help to recognize our hard working staff.”

The anti-gun crowd also came after Congressman Thomas Massie, too. They got triggered by his Christmas photo – the entire Massie family locked and loaded.

The congressman told me he will never take down the photo – he refuses to capitulate to the cancel culture Christmas mob.

Well, I think it’s a terrific idea for Santa Claus to engage his Second Amendment rights — especially if he plans on making Christmas Eve stops in Chicago or San Francisco.

And for that matter, Donner and Blitzen should be packing heat, too.

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