Tennessee School District Considers Dumping ‘Good Friday’

A school district in a Memphis suburb is considering dropping “Good Friday” and “Easter Monday” as official school holidays.

The Germantown Municipal School District discussed the matter during a work session and will consider approving the calendar change at next week’s meeting.

A school committee is recommending that “Good Friday” and “Easter Monday” be changed to “Spring Holiday.” Click here to let school board members know how you feel about that. And you can email the superintendent here: [email protected].

Dr. Daniel Chatham, a new board member, pushed back against the change.

“I think the change at minimum is going to be a frustration to a lot of families, myself included, and possibly more of a frustration to others,” he said during Tuesday night’s meeting. “I feel like it sends a message that we don’t necessarily need to send.”

Board member Amy Eoff defended the change arguing there were some families in Germantown that did not celebrate the holidays.

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“I think it’s in respect to those that don’t celebrate,” she said, while admitting that most families in the district are in fact Christian and do celebrate Good Friday.

Chatham called the planned name change an “unneeded frustration” and said he would oppose any measure to rename Good Friday.

Local residents weighed in on KWAM’s “Wake Up Memphis With Ben Deeter” program and most sided with Chatham.

“You can’t just make up new names for people’s religious holidays,” one listener said. “Who do they think they are?”

“The war against Christianity and traditional American values is alive and well in City of Germantown, Tennessee Government,” said conservative activist Justin Johnson. “The Republican Party of Shelby County had a chance to be on the right side of history but they chose their own personal interests over their constituents wishes.”

Johnson was referring to a recent debate over whether school board races should be partisan – a move that conservatives and the Shelby County Moms for Liberty chapter favor – but one opposed by Republican leadership.

“What is the reason that we have to change the name of one of the most celebrated days in the Christian Community,” another KWAM listener said. “Changing this will cause a huge split in the community. And if we are doing this because there are some who do not celebrate this day, why would we do this for a few?”

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